Form 'A' A2 304 Stainless Steel To DIN 125

Flat Washers A2 304 Stainless Steel To Spec DIN 125 Form A

M2 - M10 Flat Washers Are Packed In 100's 
M12 - M24 Flat Washers Are Packed In 10's 

All Prices are Excluding VAT

Bolt Size Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Thickness
M1 1.1mm 3.2mm 0.3mm
M1.2 1.3mm 3.8mm 0.3mm
M1.4 1.5mm 3.8mm 0.3mm
M1.6 1.7mm 4.0mm 0.3mm
M2 2.2mm 5.0mm 0.3mm
M2.5 2.7mm 6.0mm 0.5mm
M3 3.2mm 7.0mm 0.5mm
M3.5 3.7mm 8.0mm 0.5mm
M4 4.3mm 9.0mm 0.8mm
M5 5.3mm 10mm 1.0mm
M6 6.4mm 12mm 1.6mm
M7 7.4mm 14mm 1.6mm
M8 8.4mm 16mm 1.6mm
M10 10.5mm 20mm 2.0mm
M11 12.0mm 24mm 2.5mm
M12 13mm 24mm 2.5mm
M14 15mm 28mm 2.5mm
M16 17mm 30mm 3.0mm
M18 19mm 34mm 3.0mm
M20 21mm 37mm 3.0mm
M22 23mm 39mm 3.0mm
M24 25mm 44mm 4.0mm
M27 28mm 50mm 4.0mm
M30 31mm 56mm 4.0mm
M33 34mm 60mm 5.0mm
M36 37mm 66mm 5.0mm
M39 40mm 72mm 6.0mm