Hex Bolts Grade 8.8 Self Colour To DIN 931

Metric Coarse Hex Bolts Self Colour Finish To DIN 931 Grade 8.8

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Metric Coarse Bolt Pitches: M3 x 0.5mm, M4 x 0.7mm, M5 x 0.8mm, M6 x 1mm, M8 x 1.25mm, M10 x 1.5mm, M12 x 1.75mm, M14 x 2.0mm, M16 x 2.0mm, M18 x 2.5mm, M20 x 2.5mm, M22 x 2.5mm, M24 x 3.0mm, M27 x 3.0mm, M30 x 3.5mm.